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Technology Assessments

What is a Technology Assessment?

A Technology Assessment or Technology Needs Assessment is an efficient review of your company’s technology infrastructure, data, processes and management.  We take into consideration your business processes, the prople, the tools, networks, equipment and security that are in use today, as well as what is anticipated based on your growth strategies. 

Why does it Matter?

  • It gives you a depiction of your current Infrastructure landscape
  • It highlights gaps, including aging and inefficient technology
  • It recognizes unidentified ranges, and uncovers wasteful pointless duplication of hardware
  • It permits you to purchase of new equipment when needed, not when wanted
  • It prepares you for the retirement and out of date quality of current technology.

How does it work?

Our 4 stage assessment process will go through Discovery, Analysis, Definition and Documentation.  At the end of the process you will be presented with a custom report showing any issues that are discovered, alternatives to resolve, and steps required to complete.  Our ongoing assessments provide updates on a monthly basis documenting changes within the infrastructure as well as additional improvements that can be made.



  • Executive Reporting

    Evaluation of the any potential risks across the organization as well as any potential vulnerabities discovered within the network. 

  • Network Assessments

    -Password Policies

    -Outdated Malware

    -Outdated Systems

    -Equipment Aging

Project Managment
  • Project Initiation

  • Project Correction

  • Project Analysis

IT Project Management

What is different about a Tech PM

Project Managers work in many different facets of an organization.  They are true professionals when it comes to gathering all of the right resources to Initiate, Design and Execute a project.  Technology project managers do the same thing but also have a deep understanding of the technologies that are being worked with such as Telephony Systems, Networks, Security, Data Bases, or Application Development.

All project managers share some of the same skills: Communication, Leadership, Organization, Time Management, Financial Planning, Problem Solving, Negotiation, and Strategic planning, a Tech PM has also developed technical skills that are needed to help drive the project to completion.  Many of them have developed these skills as engineers and developers earlier in their careers.

What Sets Our Tech PMs apart

Our Technology Project Managers will work with you to define the requirements of your project, ensure that the resources necessary are appropriately assigned, that a dedicated communication plan is developed and that all project documentation is in line with your needs.

Our main focus is on communication. Wheter it be during team meetings or regularly scheduled updates, you can depend on receiving clear communication from our Tech PMs. Our PMs are all very experienced in leading diverse teams to bring together teams and drive projects to completion while maintaining the ability to adapt to any changes to project timelines within your organization.


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